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Success Stories

July 1, 2014

Story of Madhu “ A Beneficiary of Heeals’s Sanitation, Safe Drinking Water and Girl Child Education Awareness Project”


Name   : -   Madhu 

Age       :-  10+ 

Area     :- New Delhi NCR Region


Heeals Team first met her in April, during the workshop organized at a school in Mullahera Village , Gurgaon( Haryana, India)  to know how education is affecting from bad Sanitation facilities & unsafe drinking water and what are the ways through which they can combat the diseases and issues arising from low awareness regarding menstrual hygiene , sanitation and safe drinking water .

During this workshop our  team member  Chinu ,came in contact with Madhu ,Her attendance was constantly decreasing, she told our team member that she frequently fall sick and by which she is unable to attend classes , most of time she is suffered from the diseases like Gastroenteritis , Diarrhoea, Food Poisoning  etc which caused due to unsafe water and bad sanitation facilities and she is  also entering  in her puberty age which further  aggravated her problem.  

After interacting with Madhu we came to know that lack of awareness towards sanitation, menstrual hygiene and safe drinking water is creating major problem in that area, then we started workshop to create awareness regarding this major issue. We told them ways of obtaining safe drinking water, how to keep your environment and surroundings clean & hygienic, we also told them to follow good hygiene practices both at school & at home.

After our numerous visits in her school ,we have observed that Madhu has become regular in her classes by defeating her frequent illness from diseases which previously increased her absenteeism in school and thereby effecting her education & career.

To know actual results ,we have spoken to Madhu’s Teacher and got good response from them as well , Now She is Regular in her school classes, and performing well in studies .

Heeals Team again spoke to Madhu in Month of December 2012 , and now she is very happy ,become more confident and don’t feel hesitant in speaking on such Issues  because she is able to concentrate more on her studies rather then on sickness, she also told us that she is now following these good practices on regular basis and keep informing her parents , siblings , friends and neighbours about its benefits .


Now Madhu has also become the Sanitation supervisor in her school , who monitors the good sanitation & safe drinking water facilities in the school premises.

Following are the Methods used by us in creating awareness for the same:-

  • IEC Tools- banners, posters, interactive games, various techniques regarding proper hand wash.
  • One to One session with student and our female colleague
  • ICT Tools-: SMS messaging to their  parents, Used sanitation  films for children viewing , Sanitation to Interact.

We are constantly working toward making more and more girls aware about Education , Sanitation and ways of obtaining Safe drinking water , with your benevolent support we can move across states and boundaries to target more and more girls and families to make there lives more healthier and happier.

Wants to Be a Part of the work Heeals is doing , Wants to contribute , DO IT NOW !!!!

E: communications@heeals.org


You write really good read, I think this article is full I feel a kind of cultural atmosphere, I hope the author can continue to maintain this mood, to continue to write articles so that more readers can feel this cultureatmosphere.


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