Install Malayalam font "ML-TT Ambili":

Install Malayalam font "ML-TT Ambili":

October 24, 2013

Step 1: Double-click on 1st font file "ML-TTAmbili".  

Step 2: You will get a window with two options "Print" and "Install".

Step 3: Select "Install" option, and the font will get loaded to your fonts directory within 2 Secs to your device (Laptop/Desktop/Tablet). 

Step 4: Now you can go back to the "Malayalam Articles" page, and refresh or reload the page, and now you must be able to read / view the article with Malayalam alphabets.

Now kindly repeat the Step 1 to 4, for the 2nd font file "Bold ML-TTAmbili' and 3rd font file "Italics ML-TTAmbili. 

Malayalam Font Name: ML-TTAmbili

 Malayalam Bold Font Name: ML-TTAmbili

 Malayalam Italics Font Name: ML-TTAmbili


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